Interesting TV series’ I’ve been watching recently

I’m usually the sort of person to watch more films than tv shows however, lately I’ve found myself watching way more shows than usual so I thought I’d talk about some of them today.

You’re the Worst (2014-)

I went in to watching You’re the Worst completely blind other than a tweet I saw a YouTuber post saying she thought it was hilarious and it fast became one of my new favourite shows. I’m genuinely surprised I haven’t seen more people talk about it.

It follows two individuals who on are both kind of assholes to put it simply, and both of which are completely against the concept of monogamous relationships. Of course, as it tends to go in these shows the two fall for each other and  chaos ensues. However, the great sarcastic comedy and great pacing of the series I feel really sets it apart from similar shows.

Steven Universe (2013-)

I have to admit even at twenty-one years of age I still love cartoons and I recently started watching Steven Universe (bit late to hop on the bandwagon, I know!) It follows Steven Universe a half human/half ‘crystal gem’ along with the other crystal gems as they attempt to save the day from various weird and wonderful creatures. It’s great for those days when you feel a bit crap and want something to make you giggle and it’s quickly become my favourite thing to watch doing whilst getting ready in the mornings. Also, I feel I relate to Steven’s innocence to certain situations way more than anyone my age should.

Jane the Virgin (2014-)

I remember thinking Jane the Virgin sounded like an absolutely ridiculous concept when I first saw it advertised on tv a while back but when the post graduation boredom set in at the start of the summer I found myself watching the first season online randomly and I absolutely fell in love and ended up binge-watching both seasons.

It follows the story of Jane who become accidentally artificially inseminated with her boss’ child. It takes inspiration from the ridiculous storylines and twists within telenovelas and puts and mixes them with the stylings of more mainstream dramedy series. I find it absolutely hilarious and very compelling with some of the most loveable characters I’ve seen in a while. I cannot recommend this series enough.

Don’t Trust the B in apartment 23 (2012-2013)

Another comedy tv show who would’ve guessed? This is another one I remember thinking I wouldn’t like. However I think I watched both seasons in one weekend. (Possibly slightly fueled by my love for Krysten Ritter.)

It’s a show based upon a ‘odd couple’ sort of scenario where a ‘girl next door’ type who’s moved to New York City in order to try to further her career ends up living in an apartment with Chloe, a selfish narcissistic character and as they tend to in these situations, they become best friends. Chloe also happens to be best friends with James Van Der Beek from Dawson’s Creek who plays a parody of himself. Whilst there’s definitely better shows out there in my opinion I still really enjoyed watching it. Shame it seems to have been cancelled.

The Girlfriend Experience (2016-)

I accidentally stumbled upon this show whilst scrolling through Amazon Prime Video one evening and actually really enjoyed it. It follows Christine, a young law student in Chicago who is interning at a large law firm. She ends up getting sucked into living a double life as a sex worker through a friend who introduces her to the concept of having ‘transactional relationships’ with clients.

I’m not usually a massive fan of these sorts of shows as they can sometimes rely a little too heavily on sex scenes rather than narrative. However, I actually really enjoyed this show and found it had enough narrative pulls in order to keep me interested. The framing and colour grading of this show are also really pretty which is always a plus in my book!

Casual (2015-)

Another show I stumbled upon on Amazon is Casual, a sort of dramedy which follows the relationships between a somewhat unconventional family. It follows Valerie who moves in with her brother Alex along with her daughter after her recent divorce. This show has a great balance between being funny and breaking your heart at times and it’s genuinely heart warming to see a family support each other the way these characters do through each hardship they face.

Probably my favourite part about this show is the characterisation. Every character on this show is complex and flawed without feeling forced. They feel like real people which I feel makes this show that bit more enjoyable than some others out there.

So that’s some of the shows I’ve recent gotten into. What have you been watching lately?


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