I’m not going to lie I went into Suicide Squad with quite low expectations and whilst I usually like to go into a film pretty open minded I had sort of began to form a few opinions based on what I had heard about the reshoots and editing process of the film.

My main reservation was that Warner Bros have run into this massive emsemble style film too quickly in order to keep up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe hype. The problem with this is that they try to introduce too many characters to the DC film universe at the same time causing the film to seem rushed and bitty, and I’m assuming it could be very confusing to someone who hadn’t read any of the comics. As a result of this the film begins to feel like pieces of several different films sewed together none of which really formed a coherent narrative.

Another problem I found with the film was that with all the reshoots etc the film has some super jarring editing at certain parts (especially in the scenes with the Joker), with random jump cuts which, to me, seemed to be obviously attempting to hide that they cut most of that particular flash back or sequence which just pulled me out of the film too much. I think this is probably another reprecussion of the fact the film was that the script was rushed in about six weeks etc and I feel it really shows in the final product.

The best thing for me about this film was the acting; in particular Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Viola Davis, and Jay Hernandez’s performances. I could really see their efforts in developing these characters and feel like they’re performances were entertaining and they seem to have formed their characters pretty well from what I saw of them. However, I found Cara Delevingne’s performance was very forced and also brought me out of the narrative at times. In terms of Jared Leto as the Joker I’m not too sure, I feel we didn’t see a full enough scene featuring the Joker to fully form an opinion of Leto’s performance, and it’s easy to write off a performance when you’re barely shown any of it so I’ll hold onto hope for him. In terms of the rest of the cast it seemed to me they did a decent job based on what the screentime and script allowed.

My final thoughts on the film are that it basically seems to be a stepping stone into another solo DC film whether that be a Deadshot film, a Harley Quinn/Joker one or simply to set up more characters in order to use them in more Batman films rather than actually trying to carry the storylines of the actual Suicide Squad you see in the comics and it probably would’ve been more useful to have had the individual films before having an emsemble film like this. Basically, this film showed potential and I found aspects of it entertaining but I feel over all it fell flat and it leaves me wondering what’s to come for the DC universe on screen. (Let’s all hope Wonder Woman pulls through for us all.)

Sooo dare I ask, what did you think of the film?


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